Peach Gum Black Sugar Longan Fruit Tea


Peach Gum Black Sugar Longan Fruit Tea – Stress relief, Blood regeneration, Improve sleep quality

Ingredients: Peach Gum, Longan, Black Sugar, Rock Sugar, Water

Net Weight: 390g

Shelf life: 3 -12 months

Suggested use: Put 1 to 2 tablespoon of fruit tea into a cup of water (250ml, ≤80°C), stir well. You could also make black sugar bubble milk tea and white fungus taro ball sweet soup with this fruit tea.

Special Reminder:
This product has no medical efficacy. The above effects are the effectiveness of the ingredients themselves. Keep refrigerated once opened and consume as soon as possible.

Product Warning: This product was produced in a factory where gluten,
crustacean, egg, fish, peanuts, soybeans and nut products are also handled

成為會員正價貨品立刻有折扣, 會員級數越高, 折扣越多!
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Longan tonifies our heart and spleen and improves sleep quality. Black sugar helps with “Qi” replenishment. Peach Gum contains fiber that expedites peristalsis. This fruit tea is produced with premium sun-dried Longan and Okinawa Black Sugar. It is surely the “sweetheart” of your skin.

100% natural: No preservative, flavour enhancer, colouring and chemical additive, Handmade in Hong Kong