Ginseng Red Jujube Honey Tea

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Ginseng Red Jujube Honey Tea – Tonifies Qi, Stimulates blood circulation

Ingredients: Rock Sugar, Xinjiang Red Jujube, Lychee Flower Honey, Korean Fresh Ginseng

Net Weight: 380g

Shelf life: 3 -12 months

Suggested use: Put 1 to 2 tablespoon of fruit tea into a cup of water (250ml, ≤80°C), stir well. You could also make black sugar bubble milk tea and white fungus taro ball sweet soup with this fruit tea.

Special Reminder:
This product has no medical efficacy. The above effects are the effectiveness of the ingredients themselves. Keep refrigerated once opened and consume as soon as possible.

Product Warning: This product was produced in a factory where gluten,
crustacean, egg, fish, peanuts, soybeans and nut products are also handled

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Korean Ginseng tonifies Qi and keep you energetic to handle your busy life.
XinJiang Red dates (Jujube) stimulates blood circulation for a better complexion. This pairing is also a great choice as a maternity gift.

100% natural: No preservative, flavour enhancer, colouring and chemical additive, Handmade in Hong Kong